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Digital signage is the solution for getting your medical facility connected.

With digital signage in your waiting room, you can keep your patients entertained as well as informed while they wait for their appointment. With Cyber DAN you have the ability of strengthening the doctor/patient relationship by providing them with appropriate communication that will educate clients about newfound medical breakthroughs and procedures.

Not only will it increase customer satisfaction, you can utilize Desktop DAN and keep your staff informed with up to date news and announcements from one central location with a secure yet simple application. Whether you have a small office and minimal staff or multiple facilities with thousands of employees, Cyber DAN, digital advertising network can easily and affordably keep your staff and patients connected.

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Features & Benefits

* Increase awareness of new and popular medical procedures your facility offers
* Inform patients of new pharmaceutical drug options available from your doctors
* List your office hours and emergency contact information in the waiting areas
* Advertise medical success stories and patient testimonials