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  Cyber Digital Advertising Network

A cost effective, user friendly, digital signage system that provides easy to use content management software that gives businesses the ability to instantly deploy digital advertising to unlimited screens in remote locations. Deliver digital media such as video ads, stills, RSS feeds, educational programming, and product demonstrations directly to digital display locations at stores, restaurants, branch offices, company desktops and other locations. Delivery can be by zip code, time of day, location. Our electronic signage solutions are limited only by your imagination.

Cyber DAN has the ability to adapt to any network situation, allowing you to place your message virtually anywhere in the world. You can transmit your digital media with dial-up, DSL or cable internet connection. Add the optional wireless adapter to connect to the internet over wireless networks or for those locations that do not have internet access, add the cellular air card for internet connectivity.
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Maximize viewer impact with our cost effective, user-friendly, digital signage system that provides creative control to the customer. Personalize each display with customized digital display software. You will have control over the number of viewports, their placement and size. This means a customer can show multiple images at one time and arrange placement on the digital display.


Cyber DAN's ability to adapt to any network situation allows you to place digital signage virtually anywhere in the world. Control your digital display from any web browser makes Cyber DAN the most adaptive system on the market. Digital signage features include:

* Customizable screen layouts to personalize each display
* Stream live web feeds with audio and video to a specific viewport
* Display web pages for interactive kiosk applications
* Dynamic direct messaging to quickly deliver information without media creation
* All media is stored online for easy management from anywhere in the world
* Intelligent ad scheduling lets you play ads only on certain dates, days of the week, number of times an hour, or times of day * Player intelligently maintains media library to reduce network traffic
* Supported Video Output Types: DVI, VGA, HDMI with adapter, S-Video, Composite Video, and Component Video
* Dynamic alerts and control over display operation and TV controls from management interface
* In-Depth Reporting for ad display metrics
* Feed text from a website, show stock ticker, or custom content and control text color, size and speed

Need more? Here is an in-depth overview of all Cyber DAN's digital display features


An extremely cost effective, beneficial digital media solution, Cyber DAN has incredible upside.

* No technical skills or technical personnel needed to deploy a Cyber DAN advertising network
* Use your existing Internet connection
* Easy to use management interface
* Easy to use media distribution system, utilizing common technologies
* Have complete control of ad distribution, using only your web browser
* Generate proof-of-run reports on demand to simplify billing
* Completely secure, encrypted communication View a comprehensive list of Cyber DAN's digital signage benefits.