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It is eye catching and effective at increasing retail sales!

Cyber DAN is the perfect solution to brand your image, stand out among competitors, create a new wave shopping environment and ultimately increase sales.
By reaching your customers at the right time and place, you have the potential of turning walk-bys into walk-ins and occasional buyers into loyal customers.
Place your message in front of your customers with Cyber DAN- In your store front, warmly inviting customers inside; at the check-out counter to promote sale items and special offers; and in different departments to target defined buyers.
With using a simple yet secure internet scheduling tool, Cyber DAN allows you to remotely deploy rich multimedia content to any or all of your retail locations. Send up to date advertisements and information such as promotions, store hours, and special announcements from your PC or laptop.
Cyber DAN makes it easy, fast and affordable to reach your customers at the point of decision and win undecided purchases.
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