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Digital Menu Boards

Cyber DAN is an extremely cost-effective, user-friendly solution for the display of any media. By requiring little in the way of resources and maintenance, Cyber DAN can dramatically increase control and reduce your costs for media distribution.

What industry would use Menu Boards?

* Retail Stores
* Financial Services
* Real Estate
* Healthcare
* Restaurants
* Casinos

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Features & Benefits

* Cyber DAN securely controls players from an easy to use web interface.
* Customize the number of viewports and crawls on each screen.
* Adjust their placement and size to personalize each display.
* Display automatically updating time, date, weather, etc. for customer reference while attracting more viewers of advertisements.
* Intelligent Media Scheduling allows clips to be scheduled to play at a certain date, time of day, or particular day of the week and also play for a    specified amount of times.
* Add crawls with custom background and text colors to announce special information or display RSS feeds. *Crawls can include pictures to add    attention-drawing content.
* Supports all of the most common file formats and Cyber DAN supports both interactive and non-interactive .swf files.
* Live web streams with both audio and video can be played onscreen.


* No special skills are required, Cyber DAN is easy to use.
* Cyber DAN has cellular support to deploy content anywhere.
* Cyber DAN can function as a kiosk with touchscreen option for interaction with users.
* All media is stored online for easy management of playlists from anywhere.
* Cyber DAN has 24/7 reliability.
*16x9 horizontal, 9x16 vertical, and traditional 4x3 layouts supported as well as custom layouts.