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Cyber Operations August 15, 2007 Press Release


Pelham, AL, August 9, 2007 - Cyber Operations, Inc. has been awarded another patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This is the second patent issued by the USPTO this year to the company.

"We are very proud of our Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Etheridge, and his development team for the outstanding work they continually provide. This patent and those received previously add valuable intellectual property to our company. As with our previous patents, this technology is imbedded in our products --- delivering advanced, proprietary solutions to the market," said Phil Ruggieri, CEO of Cyber Operations.

Mr. Etheridge explained, "The patent is based on a new method of compressing data across a distributed computing system. Essentially, the master server segments data into blocks and assigns compression algorithms to each block. The system may be used to reduce file sizes, resulting in faster transfers of secure data." This design has increasing value as customers manage more complex, encrypted content across networks. This helps to increase efficiency in media, data and voice network applications. The company believes this solution has both technology value and financial value for its customers.

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Cyber Operations, Inc. provides comprehensive security solutions to companies and governmental agencies through its integration of large-scale network security and biometric and access control technologies. Cyber Operations' security technology, along with its other products and services, including its voice over IP (VOIP) solution and its Cyber DAN (Digital Advertising Network) solution featuring digital media content management and distribution, complete the technology package essential to the corporate enterprise. The company maintains offices near Birmingham, AL and in Orlando, FL, and its products and solution can be viewed on its website at