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Cyber Operations November 27, 2007 Press Release


Pelham, AL - Cyber Operations, Inc. announced today the general availability of the ACL Compliance Director, a patented full-function network security software tool, designed to help customers efficiently manage network access control. The ACL Compliance Director is a software-based, multi-platform security, compliance and productivity tool. This software was designed in a customer-centric environment. It operates efficiently in a multi-vendor environment and functions with all major brands of routers and firewalls. The ACL Compliance Director gives customers a unified network security dashboard, empowering customers to strengthen network access control. Its use of algorithms enables customers to strengthen network security with fewer resources. This product is highly scalable and delivers real productivity for customers by managing thousands of routers intelligently, through a centralized ACL control dashboard.

Cyber Operations' CEO, Phil Ruggieri, commented: "The ACL Compliance Director has been developed with and for demanding customers. It addresses and manages real world cyber threats, it speeds the deployment of security and compliance policies across large networks, all in a very rapid cycle time. ACL Compliance Director is a powerful network security solution, designed and implemented in a complex client environment. It is designed to help customers stay ahead of the cyber threat curve. Its dynamic design helps keep customers in a secure, controlled operating mode across their network, even as threat levels change."

Kevin Etheridge, CTO of Cyber Operations and inventor of the ACL Compliance Director, added: "The ACL Compliance Director empowers customers to substantially reduce costs incurred through troubleshooting, downtime, and information recovery, serving as a cost-efficient solution to a costly problem. We are committed to developing market driven solutions with customers, since customers provide essential market validation of our technology. Our technology delivers the global network security businesses and governments are seeking";

Cyber Operations, Inc. provides comprehensive security solutions to companies and government agencies through advanced software and integrated solutions Cyber Operations' software solutions include an advanced digital media management system, biometric technology for access control, complimented with media and security management services, including rich media distribution, VoIP hosting and telecommunications systems. Cyber Operations solutions can be viewed on its website at:

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